Study documents

Manual of Operations (MOOP)(384KB) 


Enrolment Form(49KB) 

Follow-up form(49KB) 


Checking Charts

Diabetes - Expired  (49KB) 

CoDe - Expired (104KB) 04KB) 

Invasive Cardiovascular Procedures - Expired (57KB) 

Myocardial Infarction - Expired (64KB) 

Stroke - Expired (52KB)

End-stage Renal Disease - Expired (67KB) 

Cancer  - Expired (74KB) 

End-stage Liver Disease - Expired( 73KB)

Monitoring Documents

Monitoring report (192KB)

Monitor log (82KB)

Training Material

Training material (22KB) 


Data Submission Protocols

DAD 17th merger SOP v1 (March 2016)

DAD 16th merger SOP v1 (April 2015)

DAD 15th merger SOP v2 (April 2014) (800KB)

D:A:D SOP for the 14th merger v2 (April 2013) (583KB)

HICDEP - HIV Collaboration Data Exchange Protocol* (1.24MB)