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September 2012

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Ethical approvals in EuroSIDA
At the EuroSIDA Coordinating Centre (CC) we are currently updating and strengthening our ethics approval tracking system for EuroSIDA. We hope this will help us to better assist you and this is also needed for European Commission reporting. Thanks to centres which have already sent us copies of their ethical approvals and if applicable, continuation approvals. If your centre has not yet sent them in, this is a gentle reminder to send all paperwork documenting your site approval by the latest 30th September 2012 by email to Jorunn at jtv@cphiv.dor fax: +45 35 45 57 58. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jorunn.

Training in human subjects research
Training requirements related to human subjects varies by setting, however in keeping with current best practice, this fall may be a good time to encourage staff engaged in EuroSIDA to take an online human subjects ethics course. These courses provide staff with the background rationale for why informed consent is the foundation for scientific integrity. Three such examples of courses can be found at: All are free of charge.

EuroSIDA Cohort IX
Patients from 9 new EuroSIDA centres from the following countries are being enrolled into Cohort IX: Denmark 2, Iceland1, Spain 1, Switzerland 1, France 1, Ukraine 1 and Russia 2.
Thank you to all centres for the enrolment forms you have completed and sent to the EuroSIDA CC for cohort IX. We have received 65% of the planned 2850 enrolment forms we sent out. Most of the enrolement forms the CC has recived so far, come from centres in the Eastern European region. If your centre has not returned the enrolment forms yet, please contact Jorunn at and inform us when you are planning to send these forms.

EuroSIDA monitoring
The EuroSIDA centres are currently being monitored. If your centre does not get a monitoring visit this year, please respond to the e-mail with pending issues you have received from the Coordinating Centre over the summer by 30th September 2012.

Latest Publications
Health care index score and risk of death following TB diagnosis in HIV-positive patients. D N Podlekareva, D Grint, F A Post, A Mocroft, A M Panteleev, R F Miller, J M Miro, M Bruyand, H Furrer, V Riekstina, E Girardi, M H Losso, J A Caylá, E A Malashenkov, N Obel, A M Skrahina, J D Lundgren, O Kirk and teh HIV/TB study group. IJTLD ( in press).

HCV viremia increases the incidence of chronic kidney disease in HIV infected patients. L Peters, D Grint, JD Lundgren, JK Rockstroh, V Soriano, P Reiss, A Grzeszczuk, H Sambatakou, A Mocroft, O Kirk. AIDS 7 July 2012 (Epub ahead of print).

Regional differences in AIDS and non-AIDS related mortality in HIV positive individuals across Europe and Argentina: The EuroSIDA Study. J Reekie, JD Kowalska, I Karpov, J Rockstroh, A Karlsson, A Rakhmanova, A Horban, O Kirk, J Lundgren and A Mocroft. PLoS One 2012;7(7):e41673. Epub 2012 Jul 23

Total number of EuroSIDA publications as of July 2012: 165
Payment in EuroSIDA
Please note that from 2012 your EuroSIDA centre will only be reimbursed once a year. This is due to high costs of bank transferrals and to save administrative work. Next EuroSIDA reimbursment will be in September 2012.

Follow-up forms for dataset 36
The FU forms for dataset 36 were sent out in June/July. By now we have only recived 39% of all forms. If your centre has not returned the FU forms for this dataset yet, please contact Jette at

EuroSIDA at HIV Glasgow 2012
EuroSIDA will have 5 oral presentations at the Glasgow conference in November. More information regarding these presentations will follow..

EuroSIDA lnvestigators meeting during HIV Glasgow 2012
The annual EuroSIDA Investigators meeting will take place during the Glasgow conference on Wednesday 14 November at 12-13.30. Lunch will be served. Please book the date and time in your calendar. More information regarding themeeting will follow. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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