MATCH (Management of Post-Transplant Infections in Collaborating Hospitals)


In collaboration with the respective clinical departments at Rigshospitalet, a prospective transplantation database has been established called MATCH.
The database serves as a quality assurance and safety tool for evaluating the risk of developing viral infections among transplant patients. Intended as a tool to improve clinical management and care of patients, the platform will also be used for scientific purposes.


MATCH is anchored in the Centre for Viral Diseases (CVD) at the Department of Infectious Diseases and is coordinating a collaboration between the following centres:


  • Nefrologisk Klinik
  • Kirurgisk Gastroenterologisk Klinik
  • Hjertemedicinsk Klinik
  • Hæmatologisk Klinik
  • Virus laboratory at the Diagnostic Centre (Klinisk Mikrobiologisk Afdeling og Blodbanken)
  • Copenhagen HIV Programme


The MATCH Programme has been featured in the 2012 Rigshospital Scientific Report.

For further information about MATCH, please contact the Centre for Viral Diseases: tlf. 35 45 57 62.

Centre for Viral Diseases

The CVD is anchored in the Epidemiology Clinic at Rigshospitalet and is a coordinated collaboration with clinical and diagnostic departments at Rigshospitalet as well as CHIP. The Centre is cross-disciplinary and is currently focused on the management of clinical and preventive treatment of viral diseases in patients.