Presentations 2019

17th European AIDS Clinical Society Conference, Basel, Switzerland, 6-9 November 2019

HIV care beyond 2019: How to address old and new challenges?. Presented by Jens D. Lundgren at the EACS2019 Conference opening. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST

Seven years of European Testing Week: impact of a regional awareness campaign on increase in awareness and testing activities in Europe. Presented by Lauren Combs on behalf of the EuroTEST Steering Committee and European Testing Week Working Group. POSTER

Uptake and discontinuation of Integrase Inhibitors (INSTIs) in a large cohort setting. Presented by Lauren Greenberg on behalf of the RESPOND Study Group. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
A simple tool to evaluate the effectiveness of HIV care for settings with gaps in data availability.
Presented by Amanda Mocroft for Dorthe Raben on behalf of the RESPOND Study Group. PRESENTATION
Virologic, immunologic and clinical outcomes in antiretroviral treatment (ART) naïve individuals in the RESPOND cohort collaboration.
Presented by Amanda Mocroft on behalf of the RESPOND Study Group. POSTER
How to RESPOND to Modern Challenges for People Living with HIV: A New Cohort Collaboration.
Presented by Bastian Neesgaard on behalf of the RESPOND Study Group. POSTER
Prevalence and outcomes of pregnancies over a 20 year period: the EuroSIDA study. 
Presented by Justyna Kowalska on behalf of the EuroSIDA study. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
Influence of HCV co-infection and hepatitis C treatment on risk of chronic kidney disease in HIV positive persons.
Presented by Lars Peters on behalf of the EuroSIDA study. POSTER
The association of rare HLA alleles with clinical disease progression in HIV-positive cohorts with varied treatment strategies.
Presented by Christina Ekenberg on behalf of the INSIGHT START and SMART study groups. POSTER
Increased Integrated testing for HIV and HCV in health care facilities: examples from the INTEGRATE activities in Lithuania and Romania. 
Presented by Raimonda Matulionyte, M.D., Ph.D. Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania on behalf of the INTEGRATE Steering Committee. POSTER
TET2 genetic variation affects HIV viral load in ART-naïve persons. 
Presented by Daniel D. Murray on behalf of the INSIGHT START study group and the FIRST study group. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST

Functional clustering and association of HLA class I alleles to viral load in HIV-positive and ART-naïve participants from the INSIGHT START study. Presented by Adrian Zucco on behalf of INSIGHT START study group. POSTER

Antiretroviral Therapy and Body Mass in the START (Strategic Timing of Antiretroviral Treatment) Trial. Presented by Kasper Sommerlund Moestrup on behalf of INSIGHT START study group. PRESENTATION

Causes and outcomes of hospitalizations among HIV positive persons in Georgia’s referral institution, 2012-2017. Presented by Nino Rukhadze. POSTER

Comparison of TB drug susceptibility, treatment regimens and outcome among TB/HIV-patients in a setting with high prevalence of resistant TB: results from a national and supranational reference laboratories. Presented by Daria Podlekareva. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST

A New Health Care Index independently predicts 12-month mortality among HIV positive individuals diagnosed with tuberculosis. Presented by Ashley Roen on behalf of the TB:HIV study group in EuroCoord. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST

Health care delivery for HIV-positive people with tuberculosis in Europe. Presented by Adrian Bentzon on behalf of the TB:HIV study group in EuroCoord. POSTER

When to start ART in patients with opportunistic infections. Presented by Ole Kirk at EACS Guidelines session. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST

EuroSIDA 25 years anniversary symposium at EACS 2019
Major achievements in EuroSIDA: Perspective from invited expert. Presented by Alison Rodger. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
The role of EuroSIDA in HIV, HCV and TB research in Central East and Eastern Europe. Presented by Daria Podlekareva. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
What HIV observational cohorts have brought to the field. Presented by Bruno Ledergerber. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
Adapting HIV cohorts to future challenges in HIV research. Presented by Jens Lundgren. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST

Presentation of the new EACS Treatment Guidelines (version 10) coordinated by Dr Lene Ryom
Welcome presentation by Lene Ryom and Andri Rauch. WEBCAST
An introduction to the 2019 Major Revisions. Presented by Manuel Battegay. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
ART of PLWH. Presented by Jose Arribas. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
Drug-drug interactions & other prescribing issues in PLWH. Presented by Catia Marzolini. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
Prevention and Management of Co-morbidities in PLWH. Presented by Prof. Patrick Mallon. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
Clinical Management and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis Co-infections in PLWH. Presented by Charles Béguelin. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
Opportunistic Infections. Presented by Ole Kirk. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST
Community perspectives. Presented by Simon Collins. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST

10th IAS Conference on HIV Science,Mexico City, Mexico, 21-24 July 2019
HCV reinfection among HIV/HCV co-infected individuals in Europe. Presented by Sarah Amele on behalf of the EuroSIDA Study Group. PRESENTATION and POSTER

Prevalence and Outcomes for Heavily Treatment-Experienced (HTE) Individuals Living with HIV in a European Cohort. Presented by Alvaro Humberto Diniz Borges on behalf of Annegret Pelchen-Matthews and the EuroSIDA Study Group. POSTER

The International Liver Congress, Vienna 10-14 April 2019
Poster presentation:
Influence of HCV coinfection and HCV treatment on risk of diabetes mellitus in HIV infected persons. Presented by Lars Peters on behalf of the EuroSIDA study. POSTER

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), Seattle 4-7 March 2019
Poster presentations:
Virological and Immunological Outcomes of Integrase Inhibitors (INSTIs) in RESPOND. Presented by Bastian Neesgaard on behalf of the RESPOND Study Group. POSTER

Clinical Outcomes in Persons Coinfected with HIV and HCV: Impact of HCV Treatment. Presented by Lars Peters on behalf of the EuroSIDA study. POSTER

Clonal Hematopoiesis among Older Treated HIV+ Persons Enrolled in the COCOMO Study. Presented by Alvaro Humberto Diniz Borges POSTER

Tobacco smoking. The silent killer. Presented by Lene Ryom. PRESENTATION and WEBCAST

6th HepHIV Conference, Bucharest, Romania, 28-30 January 2019
Evidence-based public health guidance for integrated HBV, HCV and HIV testing in Europe. Presented by Ann Sullivan. POSTER and PRESENTATION

Community-based HIV testing in Europe: a systematic review. Presented by Sara Croxford. POSTER and PRESENTATION

HIV self-sampling and self-testing in Europe: a systematic review. Presented by Sara Croxford. POSTER