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Presentations 2008

 The 9th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection, Glasgow, November 2008

Oral presentations

1 Patterns of prior viral suppression on cART as predictors of future risk of viral rebound. J Reekie, A Mocroft, B Ledergerber, M Beniowski, B Clotet, J van Lunzen, A Chiesi, C Pradier, L Machala, JD Lundgren
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2 Opportunistic infections in immunocompromised but virologically suppressed HIV-1 infected patients. W Bannister, A Mocroft, O Kirk, P Reiss, A d´Arminio-Monforte, J Gatell, M Fischer, H Trocha, A Rakhmanova, and JD Lundgren.
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3 The rate of change of CD4 count (CD4 slopes) in patients with stable HIV viremia currently taking combination antiretroviral therapy or off all antiretrovirals. A Mocroft, AN Phillips, B Ledergerber, J Bogner, K Lacombe, A Wiercinska-Drapalo, P Reiss, O Kirk, JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA study group.
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 15th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Boston, February 2008

Oral Presentation

1 Age/sex-specific death rates in ART naïve patients with CD4 count above 350 cells/mm3 compared with the general population. R Lodwick, K Porter, C Sabin, B Ledergerber, A Cozzi-Lepri, P Khaykin, A Mocroft, L Jacobson, S de Wit, A Phillips on behalf of the Study Group on Death Rates at High CD4 Count in Antiretroviral Naive Patients
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1 The use and response to second combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) regimens in EuroSIDA. A Cozzi-Lepri, M Cunnington, A Lazzarin, B Clotet, B Knysz, P Gargalianos, C Katlama, A Karlsson, AN Phillips, JD Lundgren
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2 What frequency of monitoring is needed for health-care in a HIV-infected person? J Reekie, B Gazzard, H Sambatakou, A Chiesi, J van Lunzen, N Clumeck, O Kirk, A Mocroft, L Machala, J Lundgren
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3 Indicators of the use of health care interventions across Europe
. D Podlekareva, J Reekie, A Rakhmanova, A Horban, A Mocroft, I Karpov, P Domingo, F Antunes, O Kirk, JD Lundgren and the EuroSIDA study group
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4 Deterioration of renal function (DRF) associated with current level of immunodeficiency. O Kirk, A Mocroft, A d’Armino Monforte, A-BE Hansen, JM Gatell, S Caplinskas, G Fätkenheuer, P Reiss, E Vinogradova, JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA study group.
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5 Characteristics and clinical outcome of patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis (HIV/TB) in Europe and Argentina. D Podlekareva, A Mocroft, A Panteleev, J Toibaro, A Rakhmanova, V Riekstina, H-J Furrer, O Suetnov, F Post, O Kirk and the HIV/TB Study Group
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6 Hepatitis C virus (HCV) coinfection does not influence the CD4 cell recovery in HIV infected patients with maximum virologic suppression within the EuroSIDA cohort. L Peters, A Mocroft, V Soriano, J Rockstroh, P Aldins, M Losso, L Valerio, P Reiss, B Ledergerber, JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA study group.
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