Publications 2023


  1. Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate withdrawal and cardiovascular risk - Authors' reply. Neesgaard B, Greenberg L, Peters L, Mocroft A, Ryom L; writing group and the RESPOND study group.
    Lancet HIV. 2023;10(1):e9-e10. Abstract
  2. Plasma HIV-1 RNA and CD4+ T-cell counts are determinants of virological non-suppression outcomes with initial integrase inhibitor-based regimens: A prospective RESPOND cohort study. Álvarez H, Mocroft A, Ryom L, Neesgaard B, Edwards S, Svedhem VN, Günthard HF, Zangerle R, Smith C, Castagna A, D Arminio Monforte A, Wit F, Stecher M, Lehman C, Mussini C, Fontas E, González E, Wasmuth JC, Sönnerborg A, De Wit S, Chkhartishvili N, Stephan C, Petoumenos K, Jaschinski N, Vannappagari V, Gallant J, Young L, Volny Anne A, Greenberg L, Martín-Iguacel R, Poveda E, Llibre JM; RESPOND (International Cohort Consortium of Infectious Diseases) Study Group. Clin Infect Dis. 2023:ciad219. Epub ahead of print. Abstract
  3. Trends in Cancer Incidence in Different Antiretroviral Treatment-Eras amongst People with HIV Greenberg L, Ryom L, Bakowska E, Wit F, Bucher HC, Braun DL, Phillips A, Sabin C, d'Arminio Monforte A, Zangerle R, Smith C, De Wit S, Bonnet F, Pradier C, Mussini C, Muccini C, Vehreschild JJ, Hoy J, Svedhem V, Miró JM, Wasmuth JC, Reiss P, Llibre JM, Chkhartishvili N, Stephan C, Hatleberg CI, Neesgaard B, Peters L, Jaschinski N, Dedes N, Kuzovatova E, Van Der Valk M, Menozzi M, Lehmann C, Petoumenos K, Garges H, Rooney J, Young L, Lundgren JD, Bansi-Matharu L, Mocroft A, on behalf of the RESPOND and D:A:D Study Groups. Cancers. 2023;15(14):3640 Epub ahead of print. Abstract
  4. Heavy arv exposure and exhausted/limited arv options: predictors and clinical outcomes. Mocroft A, Pelchen-Matthews A, Hoy J, Llibre JM, Neesgaard B, Jaschinski N, Domingo P, Rasmussen LD, Günthard HF, Surial B, Öllinger A, Knappik M, De Wit S, Wit F, Mussini C, Vehreschild J, Monforte AD, Sonnerborg A, Castagna A, Anne AV, Vannappagari V, Cohen C, Greaves W, Wasmuth JC, Spagnuolo V, Ryom L; RESPOND cohort collaboration.
    AIDS. 2023. Epub ahead of print. Abstract
  5.  Measures of longitudinal immune dysfunction and risk of AIDS and non-AIDS defining malignancies in antiretroviral treated people with HIV. Frédérique Chammartin , A. Mocroft, A. Egle, R. Zangerle, C. Smith,  C.Mussini, F. Wit, J.J. Vehrechild, A. d’Arminio Monforte, A. Castagna, L. Bailly, J. Bogner, S. de Wit, M. Raimonda, M. Law, V. Svedhem, J. Tallada, H. Garges, A. Marongiu, A. Borges, N. Jaschinski, B. Neesgaard, L. Ryom, H. C. Bucher for the RESPOND Study Group. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2023 . Abstract