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The CoDe (Coding of Death in HIV) Project - Review

Purpose of Central Review

Coding of causes of death is a complicated process. The quantity and quality of the documentation that can be obtained varies greatly, and there are inherent uncertainties of the causality sequence of the conditions leading to or contributing to the fatal outcome.

By conducting a central review based o­n a predefined algorithm, and with evaluation by 2 or more expert reviewers, it is anticipated that the reliability and reproducibility of the coding will be enhanced.

How to perform a Central Review

Each study wishing to implement the CoDe system for coding causes of death are in charge of establishing a panel of reviewers and organizing the infrastructure for the data-collection and subsequent review within the frames of the particular study.

The central review should follow the CoDe guidelines and be performed independently by at least two qualified reviewers. If agreement can be reached immediately, the cause of death is established. If there is disagreement between the two reviewers, or both have coded the cause of death as unknown or unclassifiable, the specific case should be referred to o­ne or more additional reviewers (in case of an organ or disease specific controversy, preferably a specialist within the relevant area should be consulted). The entire panel should work o­n reaching consensus. However, if this cannot be achieved, the case will either be classified according to majority decision, or by default be unclassifiable.

Selection of Reviewers

Basic requirements for CoDe reviewers: Clinical knowledgeable in HIV (minimum of 4 years experience within the HIV-field; preferably senior consultant or comparable rank).

CoDe Review Documents

Review Instructions 2.0(189 KB)



Review Form 2.2 (332 KB)


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