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Data Collection in EuroSIDA

A data collection form is completed by the sites at the time of enrolment and annually hereafter on to a standardized data collection form once annualy. All data collection is in the browser-based electronic CRF data collection platform, REDCap at Access of a test version of this form is available upon request. 

For each patient, the date of HIV diagnosis and way of transmission is recorded. The date of diagnosis of all AIDS defining diseases are recorded, using the 1993 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definitions. Further, the date of starting and stopping each antiretroviral drug is recorded, as is the use of drugs for prophylaxis against opportunistic infections. All CD4 lymphocyte counts and viral load measurements are requested at every follow-up, as well as a range of other laboratory values. Further, data about non-AIDS defining diseases, adverse events of anti-HIV drugs, and causes of death (CoDe) are collected. In addition, a plasma sample is requested from all patients once a year. This plasma sample is stored locally at minus 80 degrees centigrade, and intermittently shipped to the central repository at the coordinating centre in Copenhagen.

All sites complete the follow-up forms within a two month period. An updated version of the database is usually available 3 months later, allowing the study to provide almost real-time data on the patients followed.

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The most recent HICDEP protocol may be found here

Access to a test version of the REDCap form is available upon request. Please send an email to: