Two moderators to be identified.

Co-infection with tuberculosis (TB) is common among people living with HIV, and TB is globally the most common AIDS defining event and the lead cause of death among PLWH. 

Often, diagnosis of TB is difficult to establish, and treatment outcome is suboptimal in many regions of the world. Consequently, there is an urgent need for improvement of diagnostics and treatment of TB among PLWH. A large-size cohort collaboration as RESPOND with significant representation of PLWH from TB endemic areas, stands in an excellent position to address key questions within the research field of TB-HIV co-infection.

To study TB co-infection among PLWH enrolled in RESPOND with the overall goal to improve TB management with a special focus on PLWH in Eastern Europe, but also elsewhere, by providing evidence for optimal management of latent TB infection and TB disease. 

In the RESPOND Tuberculosis Scientific Interest Group, clinicians and biostatisticians will develop and execute specific TB research projects to address relevant questions in TB-HIV co-infection research