ESTIHIV - HIV Estimation Tool for ART and VS

The aim of the project is to develop an online accessible tool, for clinics seeing people living with HIV, to help estimate the clinics' continuum of care - especially for clinics in countries where this data is not nationally available.

To reach the ambition of the 90-90-90 goals launched by the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in 2014, reliable estimates are needed on the size and the spread of the infection, the proportion on ART and how many of those have viral suppression. Having provided proof of concept for using a smaller sample size to estimate the proportion of PLWH on ART and with viral suppression, the Public Health SIG will move on to conceptualize the method in an online tool. Subsequent studies will seek to validate this tool. The methodology could also play a role in assessing the TB and HCV disease burdens and treatment programs in locations where surveillance data is currently lacking. 

The Public Health SIG recently presented proof of concept data from a method of using data from a random sample of patients to estimate a clinics percentage of individuals virologically suppressed on ART, to construct the right-hand side of the continuum of care, in settings with fragmented data, to support surveillance as well as quality control. Find the presentation here.