ESTIHIV – Estimation tool for HIV Treatment and Viral Suppression

With this tool it is possible to create a simple data base for HIV positive patients in your care and help you monitor the no of patients in treatment and virologically suppressed. Depending on the number you have in care, you can choose to enter all patients or a random sample. The tool will guide you and calculate the sample size needed for a random sample to be representative for your cohort. This will help you reach the ambitious but achievable 90-90-90 goals, set by UNAIDS 2015.
The tool is accessible here*: download the ESTIHIV TOOL.
*Please ensure you are in compliance with national regulations for GDPR and have ethical approval regarding collection and storage of patient data.
Please make sure you download the tool and the user guide and save it in the same folder on your PC.
You can log in using the default login/ password: user/user.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us: subject: ESTIHIV
ESTIHIV has been developed based on results from a research project under the RESPOND Consortium that investigated the minimal data required to estimate the right-hand side of the continuum.

In 2019 the Public Health SIG presented proof of concept data from a method of using data from a random sample of patients to estimate a clinics percentage of individuals virologically suppressed on ART, to construct the right-hand side of the continuum of care, in settings with fragmented data, to support surveillance as well as quality control. Find the presentation here.