Presentations 2020

HIV Glasgow 2020, Virtual Meeting, 5-8 October 2020
Oral presentation:
The relationship between smoking, CD4, viral load and cancer risk in HIV-positive adults, presented by Amanda Mocroft on behalf of the RESPOND Study Group. PRESENTATION

Poster presentation:
The Occurrence of Hypersensitivity Reaction and Hepatotoxicity in Individuals Receiving Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitors: Results from the EuroSIDA Study, presented by Annegret Pelchen-Matthews on behalf of the EuroSIDA Study Group. POSTER

Conference on Retroviruses and Oppotunistic Infections, Boston, Massachusetts March 8-11 2020
Poster presentation:
Clinical Outcomes of 2-Drug Regimens (2DRS) vs 3-Drug Regimens (3DRS) in HIV, presented by Lauren Greenberg on behalf of the RESPOND Study Group. POSTER