Template for Submission of Research Concepts for Consideration by the D:A:D Steering Committee
The D:A:D study is a prospective multi-cohort study of HIV-positive persons under active follow-up.

The study was established in 1999 to assess the incidence of myocardial infarction in HIV-positive persons receiving anti-retroviral therapy. Since then the research agenda has expanded to include other clinical endpoints such as stroke, diabetes, cancers, end-stage liver and renal disease and mortality.

The D:A:D Steering Committee (SC) consists of cohort representatives, central statisticians, member from the HAART Oversight Committee and the D:A:D chair.

The SC encourages the submission of concepts for new research projects. Concepts can be submitted for review by the D:A:D SC using the template below
Contact Information
Research Concept
Title [Limit approximately 
Scientific Rationale/Background [Limit approximately 
Aims and Hypothesis [Limit approximately 
References [up to 5 references on which study rational is based]
Study population
Public health or clinical relevance [limit approximately 
Time frame (for initiation and completion of suggested concept)
Once submitted the research concept will undergo review by the D:A:D SC for evaluation of the following:
  • Scientific relevance
  • Relevance to the D:A:D Study
  • Design and feasibility
  • Statistical power and feasability
  • Overlap with already approved projects
Upon completion of the review, feedback will be provided to the
proposer(s). In some circumstances, a revision of the concept may be requested.

If the concept is approved for implementation, a writing group will be established consisting of the proposers (up to 3 persons that were centrally involved in the development of the concept) and members of the D:A:D Steering Committee (or other appointed cohort representatives) Statistical department and Coordinating Center.

All persons involved in the process of reviewing these research concepts are bound by confidentiality.
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