The PARTNER Study is overseen by an Executive Committee and a Steering Committee.
All persons centrally involved in the study will automatically be part of the wider Study Group. Each site can nominate up to 2 persons to become a member of the study group and for every 30 partnerships included in the study, an extra study group member will be given to the site.

Executive Committee

Prof Andrew Phillips, University College London (UCL)
Prof Jens Lundgren, University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr Alison Rodger, UCL
Tina Bruun, Copenhagen HIV Programme (CHIP)
Simon Collins, HIV i-Base, London
Prof. Pietro Vernazza, Switzerland
Dr. Vicente Estrada, Spain
Dr. Jan Van Lunzen, Germany
Giulio Maria Corbelli, EATG, Italy

Steering Committee

Members of the Executive Committee, plus:
Fiona Lampe, UCL
Jesper Grarup, CHIP
Dorthe Raben, CHIP
Dr Anna Maria Geretti, UCL
Dr Matthew Weait, Birkbeck College, London
National Representatives

National Coordinators

Dr Amin Rieger, Austria
Prof Nathan Clumeck, Belgium
Dr Lars Mathiesen, Denmark
Dr Matti Ristola, Finland
Dr Christian Pradier, France
Dr Jan Van Lunzen, Germany
Dr Gráinne Courtney, Ireland
Prof Antonella d'Arminio Monforte, Italy
Prof Francisco Antunes, Portugal
Dr Vincente Estrada, Spain
Dr Katarina Westling, Sweden
Prof Pietro Vernazza, Switzerland
Prof JM Prins, The Netherlands
Dr Alison Rodger, UK