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International Cohort Consortium of Infectious Disease (RESPOND)

The International Cohort Consortium of Infectious Disease (RESPOND) was formed in 2017 as a prospective, multi-cohort collaboration for the study of infectious diseases, with a special focus on people living with HIV (PLWH).
RESPOND was founded upon the groundwork laid by outstanding European HIV cohort collaborations such as EuroSIDA, the Collaboration of Observational HIV Epidemiological Research Europe (COHERE) and Data Collection on Adverse events of Anti-HIV Drugs (D:A:D) studies, and utilizes a similar, well-established infrastructure.

By 1/10/2017, 17 cohorts had agreed to engage in the consortium; 15 cohorts contributed to the first data merger with a total of 26,258 individuals. Two additional cohorts subsequently joined the second data merger in 2018. After the third data merger in 2019, RESPOND followed more than 34,000 PLWH.

RESPOND offers a research framework with a flexible organisation, utilizing a common data model across different substudies, utilizing one shared data pool. Additionally, all involved in RESPOND can contribute to the ongoing scientific agendas. Together, these dynamic features facilitate responses to a broad range of unmet research needs.  

For more information about RESPOND, please contact the Coordinating Centre at: