TB:HIV Publications

1 Tuberculosis Drug Susceptibility, Treatment, and Outcomes for Belarusian HIV-Positive Patients with Tuberculosis: Results from a National and International Laboratory.
Podlekareva DN, Folkvardsen DB, Skrahina A, Vassilenko A, Skrahin A, Hurevich H, Klimuk D, Karpov I, Lundgren JD, Kirk O, Lillebaek T.
Tuberc Res Treat. 2021;2021:6646239. Abstract

2 Healthcare delivery for HIV-positive people with tuberculosis in Europe. Bentzon AK, Panteleev A, Mitsura V, Borodulina E, Skrahina A, Denisova E, Tetradov S, Podlasin R, Riekstina V, Kancauskiene Z, Paduto D, Mocroft A, Trofimova T, Miller R, Post F, Grezesczuk A, Lundgren JD, Inglot M, Podlekareva D, Bolokadze N, Kirk O; TB:HIV Study Group.
HIV Med. 2020. doi: 10.1111/hiv.13016. Epub ahead of print. Abstract

3 A new health care index predicts short term mortality for TB and HIV co-infected people. Roen AO, Podlekareva D, Miller RF, Mocroft A, Panteleev A, Skrahina A, Miro JM, Cayla JA, Tetradov S, Derisova E, Furrer H, Losso MH, Vassilenko A, Girardi E, Lundgren JD, Post FA, Kirk O.
Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2020;24(9):956-962. Abstract

4 Differences in response to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-positive patients being treated for tuberculosis in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Latin America. Caro-Vega, A. Schultze, A.M. W. Efsen, F.A. Post, A. Panteleev, A. Skrahin, J.M. Miro, E. Girardi, D.N. Podlekareva, J.D. Lundgren, j. Sierra-Madero, J. Toibaro, J. Andrade-Villanueva, S. Tetradov, J. Fehr, J. Caylà, M.H. Losso, R.F. Miller, A. Mocroft, O. Kirk, B. Crabtree-Ramírez. 
BMC Infect Dis. 2018;18(1):191. Abstract

5 Management of MDR-TB in HIV co-infected patients in Eastern Europe: Results from the TB:HIV study. A.M. W. Efsen, A. Schultze, R.F. Miller, A. Panteleev, A. Skrahin, D.N. Podlekareva, J.M. Miro, E. Girardi, H. Furrer, M.H. Losso, J. Toibaro, J. A. Caylà, A. Mocroft, J.D. Lundgren, F.A. Post, O. Kirk, for the TB:HIV study in EuroCoord.
J Infect. 2018;76(1):44-54. Abstract

6 One-year mortality of HIV-positive patients treated for rifampicin- and isoniazid- susceptible tuberculosis in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Latin America. D.N. Podlekareva, A. Schultze, A. Panteleev, A.M. Skrahina, J.M. Miro,  A. Rakhmanova, H. Furrer, R.F Miller, A.M. W. Efsen, M.H. Losso, J. Toibaro, A. Vassilenko, E. Girardi, J.D. Lundgren, A. Mocroft, F.A. Post, O. Kirk, on behalf of the TB:HIV study group in EuroCoord.
AIDS. 2017;31(3):375-384. Abstract

7 Tuberculosis in HIV-infected children in Europe, Thailand and Brazil: paediatric TB-HIV EuroCoord study. Turkova A, Chappell E, Chalermpantmetagul S, Negra MD, Volokha A, Primak N, Solokha S, Rozenberg V, Kiselyova G, Yastrebova E, Miloenko M, Bashakatova N, Kanjanavanit S, Calvert J, Rojo P, Ansone S, Jourdain G, Malyuta R, Goodall R, Judd A, Thorne C.
Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2016;20(11):1448-1456. Abstract

Tuberculosis-related mortality in people living with HIV In Europe and Latin America: an international cohort studyDaria Podlekareva, Anne Marie W. Efsen, Anna Schultze, Frank Post, Alena M. Skrahina, Alexander Panteleev, Hansjakob Furrer, Robert F. Miller, Marcelo H. Losso, Javier Toibaro, Jose M. Miro, Anna Vassilenko, Enrico Girardi, Mathias Bruyans, Niels Obel, Jens D. Lundgren, Amanda Mocroft, Ole kirk on behalf of the TB:HIV study group in EuroCoord. 
Lancet HIV. 2016;3(3):e120-31. Abstract

9 Major challenges in clinical management of TB/HIV coinfected patients in Eastern Europe compared with Western Europe and Latin America. Anne Marie W. Efsen, Anna Schultze, Frank A. Post, Alexander Panteleev, Hansjakob Furrer, Robert F. Miller, Marcelo H. Losso, Javier Toibaro, Aliaksandr Skrahin, Jose M. Miro, Joan A. Caylà, Enrico Girardi, Mathias Bruyand, Niels Obel, Daria N. Podlekareva, Jens D. Lundgren, Amanda Mocroft, Ole Kirk on behalf of the TB:HIV study group in EuroCoord.
PLoS One. 2015 30;10(12):e0145380. Abstract

10 Major differences in organization and availability of health care and medicines for HIV/TB coinfected patients across Europe. Mansfeld M, Skrahina A, Shepherd L, Schultze A, Panteleev AM, Miller RF, Miro JM, Zeltina I, Tetradov S, Furrer H, Kirk O, Grzeszczuk A, Bolokadze N, Matteelli A, Post FA, Lundgren JD, Mocroft A, Efsen A, Podlekareva DN for the TB:HIV study group in EuroCoord.
HIV Med. 2015;16(9):544-52.  (IF: 3.454)  Abstract

11 Short and long term mortality and causes of death in HIV/TB patients in Europe. DN Podlekareva, AM Panteleev, D Grint, FA Post, JM Miro, M Bruyand, H Furrer, N Obel, E Girardi, A Vassilenko, MH Losso, A Arenas-Pinto, J Caylá, A Rakhmanova, I Zeltina, AM Welinrud, JD Lundgren, A Mocroft, O Kirk.
Eur Respir J. 2014;43(1):166-77. Abstract

12 TB Meningitis in HIV-positive patients in Europe and Argentina - Clinical outcome and factors associated with mortality.

AM Werlinrud Efsen, A Panteleev, D Grint, DN Podlekareva, A Vassilenko, A Rakhmanova, I Zeltina, MH Losso, R Miller, E Girardi, J Caylá, F Post, JM Miro, M Bruyand, H Furrer, N Obel, JD Lundgren, A Mocroft, O Kirk.
Biomed Res Int. 2013:373601.  Abstract

13 Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in HIV positive patients in Eastern Europe.

FA Post, D Grint, AM Werlinrud, A Panteleev, V Riekstina, EA Malashenkov, A Skrahina, D Duiculescu, D Podlekareva, I Karpov, V Bondarenko, N Chentsova, J Lundgren, A Mocroft, O Kirk, JM Miro.
J Infect. 2014;68(3):259-63. Abstract 

14 Health care index score and risk of death following TB diagnosis in HIV-positive patients. DN Podlekareva, D Grint, FA Post, A Mocroft, AM Panteleev, RF Miller, JM Miro, M Bruyand, H Furrer, V Riekstina, E Girardi, MH Losso, JA Caylá, EA Malashenkov, N Obel, AM Skrahina, JD Lundgren, O Kirk.
Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2013;17(2):198-206. Abstract

15 Mortality from HIV and TB coinfections is higher in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe and Argentina. DN Podlekareva, A Mocroft, FA Post, V Riekstina, JM Miro, H Furrer, M Bruyand, AM Panteleev, AG Rakhmanova, E Girardi, MH Losso, JJ Toibaro, J Caylá, RF Miller, N Obel, A Skrahina, N Chentsova, JD Lundgren, O Kirk.
AIDS. 2009: 27;23(18):2485-95. Abstract