VACCELERATE - European Corona Vaccine Trial Accelerator Platform

VACCELERATE is a clinical research network for the coordination and execution of COVID-19 vaccine trials. VACCELERATE aims to connect all European stakeholders involved in COVID-19 vaccine development and form the pan-European backbone accelerating phase 2 and phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials.

There is a continued need for phase 2 and 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials to reach long-term, large-scale immunity of the entire European population. VACCELERATE offers a strategic forum to discuss vaccine development needs that will accelerate the phase 2 & 3 pipeline and it will be the central entry-point for vaccine developers and other stakeholders in need of a support infrastructure for vaccine development guidance, and to put strategic studies into effect.

The VACCELERATE project is led by the University Hospital Cologne, Germany and currently involves 26 partners from 16 EU-member states and 5 EU-associated countries, while other countries are encouraged to join. VACCELERATE will be established as the network for pandemic preparedness in Europe, which will create structures to test new vaccine candidates fast and effectively, even after Corona. VACCELERATE will organize a Stakeholder Working Group that facilitates strategic discussions and identifies unanswered public health needs together with health authorities, vaccine developers, and international vaccine initiatives.

VACCELERATE links capable clinical trial sites, bundles expert knowledge, and promotes the transparent exchange of expertise in the vaccine development field. The goal is to plan and coordinate vaccine trials in all EU-member states and EU-associated countries under one strategic-scientific umbrella. An important step in building this network is identifying clinical trial sites and laboratories with the capacity to perform vaccine clinical trials in Europe. Over 200 clinical trial sites have already registered in, and harmonised standards will be implemented as part of the project. VACCELERATE will facilitate access to vaccine trial volunteers by setting up volunteer registries. The platform will promote harmonised acquisition, open exchange and consolidation of data for enhanced data analysis across trials. In doing so, the platform will generate solutions for characteristic problems in vaccine development faced during a pandemic and will find answers to identified pressing public health questions. The European Commission is aiming to use VACCELERATE for the long-term increase of vaccine development capacities.

Read more about the project in the VACCELERATE Fact Sheet and the project Q&A.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101037867.