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Clinical Management of HIV

The Clinical Management of HIV Online Course, led by Prof Jens D. Lundgren and Prof Manuel Battegay, is an online, flexible, open access course. It is available to anyone who wishes to participate, free of charge, but is especially aimed at clinicians in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The course, sponsored by the European AIDS Clinical Society and supported by WHO Europe, will provide an in-depth understanding of the scope and manifestations of HIV-related diseases, their prevention, management, and care. Special emphasis will be placed on co-infections and co-morbidities as well as state-of-the-art treatment of HIV according to international guidelines from EACS and WHO.

After a successful pilot the course will remain open until 2019. The course consists of six modules, each containing video lectures on various subtopics. This model promotes more flexibility than a traditional face-to-face approach as participants can join in when their schedule allows and select the modules in the order they desire. Participants should plan on using 1 to 1½ hours per subtopic. Russian and English subtitles will be available for video lectures, while other course materials will be available in English. 

HIV: Pre-exposure Prophylaxis -  PrEP

In June 2017 EACS launched a new online course on PrEP. The course is led by Professore Jean-MIchel Molina. The course mateirals are developed by PrEP experts from all over Europe. This course offers an introduction to the principles of PrEP and clinical considerations related to PrEP e.g. prescription, monitoring and adherence. In 2016 PrEP was approved by the European Commision and will in the years to come be implemented in Europe. This course provides information of how to engage community and key stakeholders for the implementation of PrEP and what impact PrEP could have on the HIV epidemic. The course also include examples of how PrEP was implemented in France and the UK.


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EACS online course on PrEP:
EACS online course on PrEP: