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Publications 2014

1 Where and How do Communities Fit into People-Centred Health Systems? JV Lazarus.
Health ISGlobal. 15 December 2014. blog

2 Universal Health Coverage Day – whaddaya say? JV Lazarus.
Development Progress. 12 December 2014. blog

3 Interview with Prof Jeffrey Lazarus. JV Lazarus.
#GlobalHealth Blog. 20 November 2014. blog

4 Visualizing social media at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. JV Lazarus.
HSG Connect Blog. 31 October 2014. blog

5 Why passion has a place at a health systems symposium: reflections on Cape Town 2014. JV Lazarus. 
HSG Connect Blog. 23 October 2014. blog 

6 Hepatitis in Europe – the hidden epidemic. JV Lazarus. 
BioMed Central Blog. 6 October 2014. blog

7 Congrats to winners of Health Systems Social Media Awards – and reflections on why these voices matter. JV Lazarus. 
HSG Connect Blog. 3 October 2014. blog 

8 Save a spot on the floor for us! Cape Town symposium jottings from the HSG secretariat. JV Lazarus. 
HSG Connect Blog. 1 October 2014. blog

9 A new era for the WHO health system building blocks? JV Lazarus. 
HSG Connect Blog. 22 August 2014. blog